Financial Sector

Our clients come to us with some of their trickiest economic policy and regulation challenges. Whether a question of general economic policy, fiscal policy or specific issues in conduct, consumer, competition, or prudential regulation, we work with our clients to offer insight on the economics behind the regulation.

Supported by hard facts, this expert input not only helps our clients to define, test, argue and defend their case, it provides valuable information which can be used to persuade a regulator, influence a policymaker, appraise policy, deal with a dispute, or understand the impact on the client’s business.

We work all over Europe with banks, payment systems, insurers, asset managers, financial sector regulators and trade associations. We collaborate both directly with clients, as well as in a team with other professional advisers.

We help our clients with

  • What is the role of risk capital in an economy?
  • How could economic and tax policy support sustainable growth?

  • How does a new Conduct Rule impact your business?
  • How can you advocate for better conduct regulation?
  • Is the (proposed) regulation delivering the right outcomes?
  • Or are the outcomes mandated by the regulation the best possible outcomes?
  • What are the economics and quantum of your claim in a dispute?

Consumer protection is of particular importance in the financial sector. We combine regulatory economics and behavioural science to help firms and regulators design appropriate strategies and policies that help influence the desired consumer behaviour.

We work on all competition regulation matters in financial services, providing specialist economist support through sector reviews, antitrust investigations, and merger control processes. Many of our colleagues have extensive experience from working at the competition regulators. This ensures our clients get a deep insight into how the regulatory authorities really think about issues. We have extensive experience in helping clients influence the debate around the direction of competition regulation.

We analyse how regulation impacts the costs of financing investment and focus on a number of key questions:

  • What are the gains to society from more risk capital flowing to SMEs?
  • What are the costs and benefits from requiring banks to hold more capital?
  • How should we, as the finance sector, think about climate change risks?

Many thanks for your fine work. Very valuable for us. It was fun and educational for me to work with you and I hope for further fruitful cooperation!
Ulrika Hansson - Senior Legal Adviser, Swedish Bankers' Association
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