Internal Market

International trade and investments are fundamental drivers for economic growth and welfare. Free trade and a level playing field enable companies to optimise their supply chain and improve their access to global markets.

Our Internal Market team helps public and private sector clients by providing evidence-based policy advice and advocacy.

We help governments design industrial policies and create an attractive business environment with good conditions for growth, innovation, creating jobs, and attracting investment.

We advise the European Commission and other European institutions on building strong and well-functioning Internal Markets and forming ambitious trade policies.

We also help companies, trade associations and governments influence trade negotiations and industrial policies, often by quantifying the impact of new reforms on particular countries, industries or products.

We help our clients with

What are the impacts of new Internal Market initiatives? What are the impacts of inward investments on the domestic economy?

What are the potential impacts of a new FTA for my country, sector or company (ex-ante assessment)? Have existing FTAs met expectations in terms of increasing trade (ex-post assessment)?

Which non-tariff barriers are the most important and what will be the impact of reducing them?

What are the impacts of barriers to service trade and investment on different modes of entering foreign markets?