IP Valuation & Transfer Pricing

As international regulators and individual governments increasingly seek to widen their global tax policy remits, robust transfer pricing (TP) and intellectual property (IP) structures are critical to corporate success in a fast-changing environment.

Whether these fresh challenges arise from new regulations, heightened scrutiny, an expansion of a geographical footprint or acquisitions, companies must ensure that their practices are both legally compliant and serve their own best interests. This can be a complex and intricate balancing act, but it is not an impossible one.

By customising individual solutions using sophisticated economic models and valuation techniques to match each client’s specific needs, Copenhagen Economics is equipped to handle all external and internal strategic, legal and taxation needs. We have particular expertise in the economics of IP valuation and transfer pricing, and notably in brand and patent valuations.


  • Transfer pricing and intellectual property
  • TP, IP
  • Disputes and litigation
  • Strategy and monetisation
  • Branding, healthcare, pharma, automotives, chemicals

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We help our clients with

We support private firms, particularly in IP-heavy sectors, including the branding industry, healthcare, pharma, automotives and chemicals. Our team has broad experience in terms of disputes and litigation, and can help to determine the value of an IP, for example in cases of patent or trademark infringements, breach of contract or trade secret theft. We conduct damage assessments in such areas as lost profits, reasonable royalties and price erosion, and provide expert opinion in court when needed.

In terms of strategy and monetisation, we help in IP valuations for M&A purposes, internal decision making, attracting finance and determining market potential or for the divestment of non-core IP. We also determine licence rates and licence structures for internal or external out-licencing of IP.

Economics of IP valuation and transfer pricing is our core expertise, and we develop robust valuation models that are customised to consider the unique features of the IP in question and the needs of the client.

Working with private multinational companies, law firms and tax authorities, we are well-versed in the design of global transfer pricing policies and defending TP systems in tax audits and tax litigation proceedings. We can identify relevant TP transactions, determine the most appropriate structures and methods and ensure proper arm’s length pricing, while ensuring documentation compliance with OECD and local legislation.

We have global experience (particularly in Europe, the US. Latin America and Africa), often focussed on complex transactions where multiple parties contribute to developing the intangible.