IP Valuation & Transfer Pricing

In the last 30 years, Intellectual Property (IP) and Transfer Pricing (TP) have become increasingly important for companies. At Copenhagen Economics, we help clients to develop, improve and defend IP and TP strategies, and to present strategic decisions to stakeholders using hard facts and clear stories.

We employ state-of-the-art economic models and valuation techniques to develop our recommendations, which are customised to each client’s specific challenges and opportunities. We support our clients with pragmatic solutions for internal and external strategic, legal and taxation purposes.

Our multinational team collaborates with clients around the world. From Macau in the Pacific Ocean to Bolivia in South America, while taking the long route through Asia, Africa, Europe and North America, we can truly say that we serve clients locally in national markets as well as internationally.

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We help our clients with

Our experienced economists quantify the economic value of intellectual property and related intangible assets to help you answer IP-related questions.

At Copenhagen Economics, we analyse IP and intangible assets (including patents, trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights) for strategic and monetisation purposes as well as for disputes and litigation. Our clients include well-respected law firms and local and multinational organisations.

Our IP strategy and monetisation advice helps clients make informed IP-related decisions across business units. We have experience in evaluating early-stage technologies, market assessments, and licensing opportunities (incl. rate-setting), as well as quantifying the value of intangible assets for divestments, M&A, and VC/PE financing.

Our experts provide guidance, expert witness reports, and testimony in IP disputes and litigation at venues in various European countries, the USA, Central and South America, and Africa. Our experience includes e.g. damages analyses such as computation of lost profits, price erosion, reasonable royalties, evaluation of portfolio license terms and conditions, and trademark valuations.

We use our experience to offer customised IP advice to suit each client’s specific need.

Our transfer pricing advice is centred around value-creation and economic substance.

Intra-group transactions have grown in significance over the last decade. Existing regulation on the arm’s length principle can be misapplied to achieve an outcome where the allocation of profits is not aligned with the underlying economic activity.

Our transfer pricing advice is focused on value-creation in the quality we provide as well as in the efficient and effective transfer pricing systems we propose. Ensuring that your transfer prices are consistent with economic activity helps you to mitigate tax risks. We produce the documentation you need to defend your case against tax authorities, based on the applicable regulations following the OECD BEPS initiative as well as existing and new local tax regulations.

In our experience, a coordinated approach from a group perspective which allows for local adaptations based on local laws and specificities, is key to success. This is the service we provide, locally and globally.

We support multinational clients in their specific typesof transfer pricing needs. Our work covers all types of intercompany transactions, including intangibles, services, financial transactions, business restructurings and transfer of functions, and many more.